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Each quarter, we strive to bring you the most important and newsworthy (and sometimes, just fun) information related to your School of Medicine. Each issue of The Pulse is getting longer and longer because there is so much wonderful news to share.

The School hosted an incredible number of high school, undergrad, and even incoming medical students this summer, who came from all over the state and even other parts of the country, gaining valuable insights into future healthcare and research careers, and the ability to add experience and skills to their resumes, college and medical school applications. Check out this issue’s Spotlight for the full story and a link to a video about these amazing students.

The SGA hosted “Dogters Day” to help bring an element of calmness (and cuteness) to the always stressful exam week. Make sure to read the SGA Update for the full story.

In good news for both people battling DNA repeat expansion disorders and LSU Health-New Orleans, Takeda exercised an option pursuant to an existing Exclusive Option and License Agreement related to Dr. Ed Grabczyk’s discovery. The full story can be found in the OIP Update.

Thank you for the opportunity to share with you all of this good news and to share it with you. Please continue to help me share the stories of your work! You can email me at anytime with an idea for a story, information or pictures that we can share. As always, I extend a sincere thank you to Dr. Judy Crabtree, Todd LaGrange, and Dr. Stephanie Taylor who all work behind the scenes to get each issue published.