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Administration Basic Sciences Clinical Sciences Centers of Excellence

Office of Medical Education
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The Executive Council is the overall governance, administrative, and decision-making body of the Academy for membership and all aspects of the organization.  The AEC receives recommendations from the Academy Advisory Groups and makes final decisions regarding membership applications.  It also receives recommendations from Academy Teams and provides overall direction for programming and collaborative efforts among the teams and the members.  Its membership includes representatives from each of the schools, proportionate to faculty size, who are selected from the Academy members.  The Chairs of each Academy Advisory Group serve as members of the Academy Executive Council (AEC) to facilitate communication and coordination.  AEC members also serve as liaisons to the various Academy Teams. 

2016-2017 Teaching Academy Executive Council Members

Updated: 8/18/2016

Gloria Giarratano (Chair) Nursing Master Teacher
Sylvia Davis (Past Chair) Allied Health Master Teacher
Marie Adorno Nursing Associate
Marla Cannatella Medicine Fellow
Mary  Coleman Medicine Teaching Scholar
Daniel Harrington Public Health Fellow
Jeffery Hobden  Medicine Master Teacher
Anthony Jackson Dentistry Fellow
Joy Sturtevant Medicine Fellow
Barbara  Doucet Allied Health Associate (Faculty Development Team Chair)
Chih-yang Hu Public Health Fellow (Communications Team Chair)
Rachel  Trommelen Allied Health Fellow (Scholarship Team Chair)
Jason Mussell Medicine Associate (Membership Team Chair)