A Message from the Department Head of Surgery:

Welcome to the LSU Department of Surgery, with its storied past and ever-brightening future.

Since the early 1930’s, the Department of Surgery at the LSU School of Medicine in New Orleans has received recognition for excellence in patient care, resident and student education, and research in a culture that produced many leaders in the national and international surgical community.

In the year 2005, the gulf coast of the United States was ravaged by Hurricane Katrina. Subsequent to the hurricane, several of the levees protecting the City of New Orleans were breached by a tidal surge that flooded 80% of the city. The complex that housed the School of Medicine was flooded as were five of the hospitals to which residents from the Department of Surgery were deployed.  With extraordinary fluidity, the entire program in the Department of Surgery morphed from a Department centered in the downtown business district to a much more diversified program, having even stronger ties with the communities of Baton Rouge and Lafayette, Louisiana.  In both of these communities, more than 70% of the practicing surgeons were products of the LSU training program in New Orleans. These physicians welcomed our residents and incorporated them into their diversified practices, allowing the residents to increase their clinical experience by 25% when compared to the averages for residents in the six months prior to the storm.

We have dedicated full-time and part-time clinical faculty devoted to resident education.  The LSU School of Medicine has built a state-of-the-art Advanced Practice Center dedicated to simulation, team training, and post-graduate education.  The Department of Surgery is committed to, and have the support of the Dean and Chancellor for, recruitment of new faculty and expanded programs in research.  There is no question that we have emerged from our recent “inconvenience” stronger than ever.


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Robert Batson, MD, FACS
Isidore Cohn Jr. Professor & Head Department of Surgery