Welcome to the Stanley S. Scott Cancer Center

The Stanley S. Scott Cancer Center (SSSCC) is a multidisciplinary organization whose researchers and clinicians apply a range of expertise to cancer research, education, and patient care. Our investigators are dedicated to furthering research on the pathogenesis, prevention, treatment, and eventual eradication of cancer. Our members hold approximately $20 million in annual funding for cancer-related clinical, basic, and translational research in areas including Molecular Signaling, Population Science, Genetics and Viral Carcinogenesis, and Immunology.


Our Research Programs:

Basic Research Programs

Clinical Research Programs

Core Facilities:

Cellular Immunology and Immune Metabolism Core (CIMC)
Louisiana Cancer Research Center Translational Genomics Core (TGC)
Molecular Histopathology and Analytical Microscopy Core (MHAM)


Highlighted Programs:

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