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Academy Teams - General Structure

  • Faculty in any Teaching Academy membership category except Protege may serve on an Academy Team.
  • Membership is broadly representative of all professional schools and then comprised to achieve optimal balance of perspectives based on Teaching Academy membership categories, faculty rank across the career continuum, gender, diversity, and interest, to the extent these are possible.
  • Members of Teaching Academy teams must be active members in good standing.
  • To re-establish Teaching Academy Teams, recommendations for members were solicited from the he Academy Executive Council. Identification of potential members was also informed by review of member response to the most recent interest and service inventory based on members' records of active engagement in the Academy. Invitations were extended to the identified Academy members to seat the initial team.
    • For subsequent team membership, Academy members will be notified in advance of approaching vacancies. Interested individuals may indicate interest either by responding to the call for new team members or by indicating interest on the annual Member Interest and Service Inventory. The Academy Executive council will appoint new members to teams, based on the team rotation schedule.
  • Membership terms are two years (academic calendar, July-June) with an option to renew. To establish a rotation schedule with the first set of Academy Teams, half of each team will hold two-year terms and the other half will hold one-year terms.
  • A Team Leader for each Academy Team will be identified from the team membership. To initiate the first set of teams, the Chair will be identified at the first organizational meeting. For subsequent appointments, a Team Leader for each team will be determined by the Academy Executive Council annually, when teams are re-seated, upon recommendation from the team via the Team Leader.


BOLD denotes Team Leader
Faculty Development Team

Amy Creel, MD (Fellow)

Barbara Doucet, PhD (Associate)

Pinki Prasad, MD (Fellow)

Kathleen Crapanzano, MD (Teaching Scholar)

Pooja Maney, DDS (Fellow)



Membership Team

Anthony Jackson, DDS (Fellow)

Demetrius Porche, DNS (Teaching Scholar)

Jason Mussell, PhD (Associate)

Dan Harrington, PhD (Fellow)

Robin McGoey, MD (Master Teacher)



Communications Team

Kathy Kerdolff, MLIS (Master Teacher)

Chih-yang Hu, PhD (Fellow)

Joy Sturtevant, PhD (Fellow)

Debbie Garbee, PhD (Master Teacher)

Erin Dugan, PhD (Fellow)


Scholarship Team

Bonnie Desselle, MD (Teaching Scholar)

Gloria Giarrantano, PhD (Master Teacher)

Don Mercante, PhD (Master Teacher)

Rachel Trommelen, PhD (Fellow)

Janice Townsend, DDS, MS (Master Teacher)