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industryWelcome to LSU Health Science Center’s industry partnership webpage. The industry partnership collaborations are designed to cultivate innovation, advance healthcare professional education, enhance multidisciplinary training, promote healthcare research and development, and improve patient safety and outcomes.

The Center for Advanced Learning and Simulation (CALS) and Center for Advanced Practice (CAP) house multiple simulation suites, sixteen standardized patient exam rooms, state of the art audio-visual technology, and an extraordinary 32-station fresh-tissue laboratory (cadaveric) combined. The space is designed for training of participants, championing active learning principles, competency-based training, and hands-on application of new knowledge. This style of training promotes explicit opportunities for reflective and deliberate practice with video feedback. CALS is supported by faculty/staff who have expertise in teaching/learning effectiveness, curriculum and instructional design, standards of best practice, program evaluation, and performance-based assessment. CALS and CAP are also a technological laboratory for scholarly work in teaching, learning assessment that welcomes partnership with other healthcare institutions, medical educators and industry.

Existing partners have joined forces with LSU Health New Orleans to transform current and future healthcare training. The collaborative efforts leverage the strength of both state-of-the-art educational learning space and industry to develop innovative technology, promote groundbreaking research/development, and elevate training for the next generation of healthcare professionals.

The partnership goals offer the following:

  • Creation and implementation advanced healthcare technologies.
  • Development of new treatment protocols and medical devices.
  • Implementation of hands-on training opportunities for all levels of healthcare professionals.
  • Generation of learning materials and experiences for industry and providers.
  • Hosting workshops, seminars, symposia, and continuing education programs.
  • Design and production of educational training videos.
  • Improvement of healthcare delivery and outcomes in healthcare communities.
  • Addressing healthcare challenges through collaborative initiatives.

List of Current Partners:

  • American Academy of Foot and Ankle Surgery
  • American Academy of Ophthalmology
  • American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS)
  • Applied Medical Resources
  • Asensus
  • Atec Spine
  • Avanos
  • Boston Scientific
  • Extremity Medical
  • Fundamentals for Vascular Surgery: Residency and Fellowship Program
  • Globus Medical, Inc.
  • Integra LifeSciences Corporation
  • International Pain and Spine Intervention Society (IPSIS)
  • Intuitive Surgical
  • Medartis, Inc.
  • Medtronic, Inc.
  • Medxpert GmbH
  • Nanochon
  • North American Skull Base Society
  • Novarad
  • Optimotion Implants
  • OrthoFix US, LLC
  • Prytime Medical
  • Shaw Surgical, LLC
  • Skeletal Dynamics
  • Smith and Nephew
  • Society for Gynecological Surgeons
  • Spinal Simplicity. LLC
  • Spine Intervention Society
  • SPR Therapeutics
  • Stryker Foot and Ankle
  • Stryker Neurosurgery
  • Stryker Orthopedics
  • Stryker Sports Medicine
  • Stryker Trauma
  • Stryker Upper Extremity
  • Tulane Orthopedics
  • Zimmer/Biomet
  • ZimVie

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