Office of Medical Education

Learning Center

Center for Advanced Learning & Simulation - 2nd Floor 

Demonstration Room Simulation Training Observation Area Surgical Room Dry Wet Classroom Surgical Roomor ICU Room

The 2nd floor contains a Demonstration Lab (Wet Lab) with 16 workstations that are expandable to 32 stations. Also, a 40-person capacity classroom and a 14 person capacity debriefing room. There is a locker room facility, specimen prep room, and two instrument washers. Six simulated OR (wet labs) can be used for all types of training sessions. The OR (wet labs) rooms feature multiple cameras with multi viewpoints for video recording and discussion and post-scenario team debriefing.

  • Approximately 20,000 square feet of learning space
  • CALS Office Suite
  • Classroom (40 learners)
  • Fresh Tissue Laboratory (Wet Lab)
    • 16 Station Demonstration Room (Fresh-tissue laboratory)
      • Specimen Prep Space
      • Instrument Washers
      • Locker Rooms
  • 6 Simulation Rooms / Operation Style Fresh-tissue Labs
  • Debriefing Room (14 learners)

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