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Isidore Cohn, Jr. MD Student Learning Center

Student Learning Center

The reconstructed Isidore Cohn, Jr. MD Student Learning Center, rebuilt after being destroyed during Hurricane Katrina.

The Isidore Cohn, Jr., MD, Student Learning Center is designed for small group teaching, simulation learning, computerized instruction, conferences and meetings. The facility houses sophisticated technology, including 4 simulation/demonstration laboratories and 8 small group-teaching rooms. The initial project involved remodeling 14,000 square feet of existing space at 2020 Gravier Street. The original Center opened in August, 2001.

Traditionally, the LSU medical students and residents have been educated through large group lectures and at the bedside of hospitalized patients. But as we know all too well, prolonged hospital stays are a rarity and much of modern medicine is better taught in small groups. To keep pace, the LSU School of Medicine adapted the student curriculum and classroom space. The curriculum has been redesigned to provide opportunities for problem-based learning, small group instruction, new courses, standardized patient interactions, simulation and computer based learning. The construction of the Isidore Cohn, Jr., MD Learning Center improved and modernized classroom space to fully implement the new curriculum.

On August 29, 2005, the Isidore Cohn, Jr., MD, Student Learning Center, located on the first floor of the Lions Building in downtown New Orleans, flooded and suffered catastrophic damage. The destroyed equipment has since been replaced, and the Center has been temporarily operating out of available space across the University campus.

In March 2008, construction on the new Center began and the Center opened in August 2009.  With the reconstruction of the original Isidore Cohn Jr., MD, Student Learning Center directly above the Russell C. Klein, M.D. ('59) Center for Advanced Practice, the LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans Learning Center is poised to be a center unlike anything else in the country


Dedication Ceremony

Dr. Gerard F. Pena ('82) President of the LSU Medical Alumni Association, Dr. Fred Cerise ('88) LSU System Vice President for Health Care and Medical Education, Dr. Stacey Holman ('04) Director of OB/GYN Simulation, Mrs. Marianne Cohn, Dr. Steve Nelson Dean of the LSU School of Medicine, Dr. Isidore Cohn Jr., MD Emeritus Professor of Surgery, Dr. Larry Hollier ('68) Chancellor of the LSU Health Sciences Center-New Orleans, and Dr. Russell Klein ('59) LSUHSC Director of Special Projects at the Re-dedication Ceremony of the Isidore Cohn Jr., MD Student Learning Center.

The Isidore Cohn, Jr. , MD, Student Learning Center was build to fill a need created when the LSU School of Medicine, under the direction of Dr. Robert Marier, Dean, and Dr. Charles Hilton (’76), Associate Dean of the School of Medicine, developed a new curriculum for undergraduate education. The Cohn Learning Center was designed to provide medical students from the first to the fourth year with simulation based medical education and training.  

The Office of Alumni Affairs, under the direction of Dr. Russell Klein (’59), Associate Dean, was asked to coordinate fund-raising, design and construction of the Center.

The Medical Alumni Board, under Dr. John McLachlan (’62) [1998-1999], Dr. Mario Calonje (’59) [1999-2000], and Dr. Bennie P. Nobles (’71) [2000-2001], accepted the Center as its principal fund-raising project.

The LSU Health Sciences Center Institute of Professional Education, under its Board Chairman, Dr. Ewing Cook (’69) and its President, Mr. Joseph A. D’Angelo, MSHA, entered into a cooperative endeavor agreement with the LSU System President, Dr. William Jenkins, and the LSU Board of Supervisors to take ownership of 14,000 square feet of space at 2020 Gravier Street, renovate it, and donate it back to LSU System – all of which was done without expenditure of any public funds. 

The largest donor to the construction of the Center was the James D. Rives Surgical Society. Their donation secured the "naming rights" and they chose to name the center for Isidore Cohn, Jr. MD, long time Chariman of Surgery at the LSU School of Medicine


Isidore Cohn, Jr. MD, W. Chapman Lee MD, Kenneth N. Adatto MD and Robert L. Marier MD at the groundbreaking ceremony of the original Isidore Cohn, Jr. MD Student Learning Center

The LSU School of Medicine expresses its appreciation to Dr. Isidore Cohn, Jr., and his family; the members of the Medical Alumni Association Board; the Institute of Professional Education; the James D. Rives Surgical Society; the Committee of 100 – Champions of Excellence; Dr. Robert S. Daniels and Dr. Vikki Ashley; the countless other alumni, faculty, and friends; and the pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers whose unstinting help and support made the Isidore Cohn, Jr., MD, Student Learning Center a reality.

The Center was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. All of the equipment was replaced and is currently in use. The Center has been reconstructed in a safer place, and reopened in August 2009.


Major Donors

LSU School of Medicine
New Orleans

Proudly recognizes those groups and individuals who were instrumental in transforming the

Isidore Cohn, Jr., MD, Student Learning Center

from concept to reality.

The James D. Rives Surgical Society and its member physicians, under the leadership of Drs. W. Chapman Lee (’69) and Lester Wayne Johnson (’71), donated the largest gift in honor of Dr. Isidore Cohn, Jr., long-time Chairman of the Department of Surgery at LSU School of Medicine, for whom the facility is named.

The Committee of 100 - Champions of Excellence, through a gift, chose to name the Demonstration Laboratory Complex in honor of Dr. Robert S. Daniels, former Dean, LSU School of Medicine, and his spouse, Dr. Vikki Ashley.

The Individual Laboratories honor Dr. and Mrs. Earl J. Rozas (’64); Dr. and Mrs. Robert E. Ruel, Jr. (’63); Bobbie Millet, by an anonymous donor; and Dr. and Mrs. Frederick J. Rau (‘79), Dr. and Mrs. David J. Rau (’84), and Dr. and Mrs. Eric H. Rau (’93).

The Computer Laboratory honors Dr. Kenneth N. Adatto (’68), Dr. Bernard L. Manale (’64), Dr. Stuart I. Phillips (’59), and Dr. John J. Watermeier (’72).

The Auditorium is named in memory of Dr. Anahita Vahid McHale (’91), through a gift of Dr. Robert C. Batson (’71).

The Small Group Complex honors the Committee of 100 – Champions of Excellence.

Individual Rooms designated as follows:

In honor of:

Dr. and Mrs James J. Leonard (’63)
Dr. and Mrs. Gerard F. Pena (’82)
r. and Mrs. William Kinnard (’79)
r. Hank McCrorie, Pfizer, Inc.
Mr. Kenneth A. Ardoin, Pfizer, Inc.
Dr. Jackson Townsend and Nancy G. Townsend, RN
he Lupin Foundation

In memory of:

Charles Abboud Thomas and Mamie Wehbe Thomas, by Dr. Mark Thomas (’62) and family

The Student Lounge honors Rozas-Ward Architects, A.I.A.

The Reception Area honors Dr. and Mrs. James L. Nelson.

The Office Complex honors Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Marier; Dr. and Mrs. John E. McLachlan (’62); Dr. and Mrs. Bennie Nobles (’71); and Dr. and Mrs. Russell C. Klein (’59).

Individual Offices are designated as follows:

In honor of:

Dr. Isidore Cohn, Jr., from his children
DePuy Orthopaedics
An anonymous donor

In memory of:

Dr. Isidore Cohn, from his children and grandchildren
Brigadier General Karl Smith
Dr. Richard M. Paddison

The Master Control Rooms honor Dr. Frank Incaprera (’50) and in memory of Dr. Harry Jones (’56).

The LSU School of Medicine also extends its thanks to all other alumni, faculty, and friends whose contributions made the construction of this center possible.