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Promotion Approvals Effective July 1, 2023

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2014 12:55:54 PM


Promotions and tenure review occurs once a year. The process begins with departmental review. The due date for completed promotion packets varies by department. Please see the administrator for promotions in your department for the due date. The department review and subsequent revisions must be completed before packets are due in the Dean's Office.

Candidates and those individuals assisting in the preparation of promotion and tenure materials should familiarize themselves with the Guidelines and Criteria for Promotions and Tenure. Faculty candidates (and those planning for future promotions) are encouraged to attend one of several ZOOM workshops on academic advancement held each spring.   Required School of Medicine documentation for promotions packets include: LSUHSC – NO - LSU Promotion/Tenure Review Request Form, Teaching Portfolio (Structured Summary only), Additional Information (for clinical faculty only), Curriculum Vitae (using standardized format), Signatory Page, and letters of recommendation. Detailed instructions are available on the Promotions and Tenure Memo for FY 24-25. Please note that departmental requirements may exceed those of the School of Medicine, but that only the materials listed above will be reviewed by the School of Medicine Appointments and Promotions Committee and by higher levels of academic review.

All faculty candidates participate in the preparation of promotions and tenure materials before formal review begins. The faculty candidate attests that the promotions packet is accurate and complete before formal review begins, acknowledging the attestation on the Signatory Page. Letters of recommendation are then added to the packet; letters of recommendation should be solicited using the standardized template available below.


2024-2025 Promotion Memo and detailed instructions (PDF)

Academic Advancement Workshop Materials 2024-2025 ( PDF )

Academic Advancement Promotion and Tenure Guidelines
( PDF )

Deadlines - (PFD)


Required Documents

LSU Promotion/Tenure Review Request   Form (PDF)

* You must save the P&T form to your drive*

Curriculum Vitae Standard Format
MS Word | PDF)

Signatory Page
MS Word | PDF)

Template for Letters of Recommendation

( MS Word | PDF)

Additional Information only for Clinical Faculty
MS Word| PDF)

Educator Portfilio/ Summary Personal Statement ( MS Word )