School of Medicine

Bioinformatics and Data Science Program

MS in Biomedical Sciences - Bioinformatics Track

To address the acute shortage of researchers in bioinformatics and genomics with the necessary quantitative knowledge base to manage the vast amounts of data generated by the omics and next generation sequencing and other related technologies, the LSUHSC-Bioinformatics and Data Science Program is developing a new MS training track in bioinformatics and genomics.



Graduate Education is the hallmark of a research university and a guidepost to career development. In defining biomedical research of the 21st century, and to achieve the promise of a new era in biomedicine - and to deliver care that is personalized, predictive, preemptive, patient-centered and eliminate health disparities, LSUHSC will demonstrate the value of advanced degrees in biomedical sciences driven by the global knowledge economy.



The mission of the LSUHSC's MS Biomedical Sciences-Bioinformatics Track Program is to educate and prepare students to reach the forefront of leadership in the fields of bioinformatics and data sciences. The program integrates the research and education missions through the use of bioinformatics and genomic technologies to enhance biomedical research and to equip graduate students with critical skills required for navigating career pathways in these emerging and mission critical disciplines.