MS Program Bioinformatics Track

(Under Development)

To address the acute shortage of researchers in bioinformatics and genomics with the necessary quantitative knowledge base to manage the vast amounts of data generated by the omics and next generation sequencing and other related technologies, the LSUHSC-Bioinformatics and Genomics Program is developing a new MS training track in bioinformatics and genomics.



The mission of the LSUHSC Bioinformatics and Genomics MS Program to train the next generation of bioinformatics, genomics and data science researchers to drive the 21st century data driven-medicine. The program provides specialized science background which integrates the educational curricula and research-intensive training in bioinformatics, genomics and data science. The goal is to provide innovative ways to integrate training of graduate students with critical skills and career pathways in these emerging and mission critical disciplines. Our mission is to prepare the next generation of scientists with an analytical mind, the skills of reasoning & research, and the resources in bioinformatics, genomics and data sciences to address the vexing problem of health disparities.



The vision of the LSUHSC Bioinformatics and Genomics MS Program is to become nationally and internationally recognized for excellence and leadership in producing world class research bioinformaticians, genomics and data scientists. The MS program is envisioned to be a program that cultivates expertise in those who seek to shape the future of biomedical research and delivery of health care in the 21st century in the genomics era. The program intends to enhance our leadership and representation in producing translational scholars and competent, compassionate researchers from minority populations with the vision of abolishing health disparity in the developing society of the medically underserved.