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Joy Sturtevant, PhD


Co-Director Basic Science Curriculum, Office of Medical Education

1901 Perdido St.
Box P6-1
Microbiology, Immunology & Parasitology
New Orleans, LA 70119


BS Zoology - 1977
Colorado State University, Ft.Collins, CO

PhD Immunology - 1985
Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC

Research Interests

Pathogens have evolved to thwart our immune response and/or 'peacefully' reside within our body. How do they  do  this?  Our  laboratory  focuses  on  the  initial  interactions  between  pathogen  and  host,  and  the intracellular  signaling  events  that  dictate  a  response  in  either  host  or  pathogen.  We  are  studying  two different  microorganisms  to  address  these  responses.  First,  we  are  studying  Candida  albicans,  the  most common opportunistic  fungal pathogen and the 4th most common nosocomial infectious agent but also a member of the normal microbiota. The ability of the pathogenic fungus Candida albicans to cause disease requires rapid adaptation to changes in the host environment and to an evolving host immune response. We are particularly  interested  in Candida  ‘survival’  factors and their effect on host-­‐pathogen  interaction.  The second project is a collaborative  venture with Dr. Haas in Biochemistry.  This project is researching on how Shigella  Type  III  secretion  proteins  reprogram  the  host  innate  immune  response.  Shigella  is  a  major contributor to gastroenteritis and the causative agent of dysentery. We are focusing on how Shigella E3 type ubiquitin ligases usurp host signaling pathways. We feel that these studies will advance our knowledge  of how  pathogens  adapt  and  survive  in  the  host  and  will  assist  in  the  identification  of  new  antimicrobial strategies.  Molecular  genetic,  proteomic,  cell  culture  and  cell  biology  techniques  are  used  to  answer  these questions.

Teaching Activities

Introduction to Microbial Pathogenesis
Molecular Biology of Pathogenic Eukaryotes
Advanced Bacteriology
Medical Microbiology
Dental  Microbiology
Science and Practice of Medicine (SPM): Ethics and Clinical Forums


Committees & Administrative Responsibilities

MIP Graduate Program, Co-coordinator

MIP Graduate Student Qualifying Committee, Chairman

MIP Emergency Preparedness Committee Member

LSUHSC-SOG Graduate Advisory Council MIP Representative, GAC Curriculum Committee Member; Graduate Research Committee, Chair

LSUHSC-SOG IDP Curriculum Development Committee

LSUHSC-SOM PreClerkship Course Directors, Chairman

LSUHSC-SOM Curriculum Renewal Committee Member

LSUHSC-SOM Curriculum Steering Committee

LSUHSC-SOM Academic Standards

LSUHSC-SOM Student Promotions Committee

LSUHSC-SOM Communications Committee Member, Newsletter Working Group, Research Editor

LSUHSC-SOM Community Outreach Committee Member,Service Projects Development & Communication (Impact) Team Leader

LSUHSC  IPE Team UP Facilitator

LSUHSC IT Classroom Subpolling Committee

Selected Publications

For a list of publications, click here.