School of Medicine

Office of Faculty & Institutional Affairs

Mentoring Program for Junior Faculty


The goal of the Mentoring Program for Junior Faculty is to ensure the academic success and advancement of our junior faculty. This program consists of (1) a larger assembly of mentors, represented by senior faculty with successful academic careers who are available to serve as faculty mentors, (2) a mentor selection sub-committee, and (3) individualized mentoring committees.

The “Mentor Selection Sub-committee” identifies two to three mentors for each junior faculty member. These mentors will be selected based on having expertise that is complementary to that of the junior faculty mentee.

The individualized committees will then provide mentoring and career development advice through meetings with the mentee.  The mentors will provide advice not only on an informal basis but also as part of the annual evaluation process aligned with the annual departmental review.  The individual committees will meet, at a minimum, biannually. These meetings can be more frequent based on a request by either the committee or the mentee. If you are interested in participating in this program as either a mentor or a mentee, please contact Dr. Amy Creel or Dr. Michelle Moore, co-chairs of the Mentoring Program.