School of Medicine

Department of Ophthalmology





PGY4, Class of 2024


Armin Avdic, MD

Annam Headshot 


Medical School:

University of Iowa - Roy J. and Lucille A. Carver COM, Iowa City


University of Iowa, Iowa City

LSU Ophthalmology felt like home ever since interview day. The training program allows me to shape my own learning experience by treating a complex and diverse patient population under the guidance of caring and welcoming staff in a city that is synonymous with culture (and fun). - Armin Avdic


Harshvardhan Chawla, MD


Chawla Headshot

Medical School:

Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York City


University of Southern California, Los Angeles

I chose the LSU Ophthalmology Program for the strong clinical experience and opportunity to serve a diverse patient population. The complex pathology, breadth of subspecialty exposure, and system of graduated autonomy encourage hands-on learning under the mentorship of an engaged and supportive faculty. - Harsh Chawla



John "Jack" Friend, MD


John Morgan Headshot 

Medical School:

University of South Alabama COM, Mobile


University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa

  I chose LSU because of the collegial atmosphere present between all faculty, residents, and staff. I enjoyed the opportunity to see diverse pathology all across the state, along with exposure to every subspecialty.  I also loved the culture and diversity of the city of New Orleans and believe there's not a better city to train in as a resident. - Jack Friend




Samuel Meyer Homra, MD


Nathaniel Rieveschl Headshot 


Medical School:

University of Louisville School of Medicine, Louisville


Tulane University, New Orleans

I chose LSU Ophthalmology because of the diverse patients and multiple locations we train at. The ability to learn from different faculty will only make me a better and more well-rounded physician. The residents in the program are extremely supportive and are always willing to teach. It also doesn't hurt that New Orleans has incredible food, music, and people. - Sam Homra




James Liang Li, MD


James Li Headshot

    Medical School:

Louisiana State University School of Medicine, New Orleans


Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge


I chose LSU New Orleans because it was one of few programs to show me that their priorities are in line with my own.  We have good leadership, and the organization has always demonstrated good culture as a result. We always hit our numbers, upper levels residents are always available when needed, and there's a large variety of surgeons from whom we can learn from. As if it needed a cherry on top, it's located in New Orleans, one of the most fascinating cities in the world!- James Li




Charles Thomas Reeder, MD


Charles Reeder Headshot

Medical School:

University of Alabama School of Medicine, Birmingham


The University of Georgia, Athens


I chose the LSU-NO program because of:

  1. Pathology, pathology, pathology
  2. Training from very diverse faculty and subspecialties across the state
  3. Good people with good attitudes!- Charles Reeder





John Phillip Thompson, MD


Luke Zhu CROP Headshot

Medical School:

University of Texas Medical School, San Antonio


Tuffs University, Medford


I chose LSU for the strong clinical training. With the combination of rural and urban sites, we are exposed to a wide variety of pathology and see different styles of practice from our attendings. The program is welcoming and supportive. We also get to experience one of the most unique cities in the States. - John Thompson





PGY3 Class of 2025


Lama Assi, MD


        Assi, Lama New New Crop Headshot

Medical School:

American University of Beirut Faculty of Medicine


American University of Beirut

This is my statement: "I love that at LSU, I get to train in diverse places! You get to learn from so many different faculty members and in different practice settings, while living in a unique and exciting city! The faculty are also very supportive and always encouraging you to pursue your own interests.- Lama Assi




Jonah Samuel Goldblatt, MD


Goldblatt, Jonah  Headshot

Medical School:

Tufts University School of Medicine


Boston College

LSU-NO ophthalmology training involves seeing an incredible amount of pathology across a diverse set of clinical sites. Our staff and leadership are friendly and willing to teach, while allowing an amount of autonomy that prepares us to be out on our own. On top of that, New Orleans offers a unique culture to explore in our free time, an experience truly different from anywhere in the country.- Jonah Goldblatt





Camille Prejean Hicks, MD


Prejean, Camille Headshot

Medical School:

Louisiana State university Health Sciences Center, New Orleans


 Louisiana State University

I chose LSU Ophthalmology for the friendly and knowledgeable faculty, diverse patient population, and broad exposure to all sub-specialties in the field. I also love living in New Orleans because there is always something fun to do during my free time!- Camille Hicks




Owen Louis Krueger, MD


Krueger, Owen New Crop Headshot

Medical School:

Medical College of Wisconsin


University of Wisconsin-Madison

I enjoy about LSU: The people are friendly and are personally invested not only in your training but also your experience living in New Orleans.  Also, New Orleans and the surrounding sites provide a large variety of advanced pathology that will prepare you for whatever type of career in ophthalmology you desire. - Owen Krueger




Joshua "Tyler" Pannell, MD


Pannell, Joshua Headshot

Medical School:

Medical University of South Carolina College of Medicine - Charleston


Clemson University Honors College

LSU Ophthalmology provides the unique opportunity to train in multiple locations under the mentorship of friendly, supportive staff that cover all subspecialties. This allows for exposure to various practice styles and surgical techniques, which helps to prepare us well for our future endeavors. Also, New Orleans is an exciting city to live in for residency training where good food and good times can always be found! - Tyler Pannell




Hayley  Redrick Smith, MD


Redrick, Hayley Headshot

Medical School:

Louisiana State university Health Sciences Center, New orleans


University of Louisiana at Lafayette

I chose to stay in New Orleans to complete my residency training because of the wide range of pathology available here and the opportunity to work closely with our sub-specialty staff! Thankfully, I also have great co-residents as well so that is a huge bonus. - Hayley Redrick




Victor Liu Wang, MD


Wang, Victor Headshot

Medical School:

University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry


University of Rochester

I chose LSU for the strong clinical and hands-on surgical and procedure training. The breadth of pathology we experience at the multiple sites we rotate at are invaluable, preparing us well for any situation we encounter in practice. There is also a wonderful culture within the program, from the residents to the faculty!- Victor Wang





PGY2, Class of 2026


Ahmad Baiyasi, MD


Annam Headshot 

Medical School:

Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit, MI     


Wayne State University , Detroit, MI  

I chose LSU for the program’s vast pathology, supportive environment, and friendly atmosphere. The collaborative work environment enables an independent yet fully supportive style of learning. Living in New Orleans is also full of culture and great food. - Ahmad



Nathaniel Goldblatt, MD


N Goldblatt Headshot

Medical School:

Weill Cornell Medical College,

New York, NY



University of Pennsylvania, College of  Arts and Sciences, Philadelphia, PA

I chose LSU Ophthalmology for the incredible diversity in pathology that we see among the different urban and rural sites at which we rotate. The program also provides a collegial atmosphere and the opportunity to learn from a wide variety of attending physicians with different backgrounds, sub-specialties, and styles. Finally, I love living here in New Orleans. The food and culture is amazing, and it’s one of the most unique cities in the country. -Nathaniel




Joshua Katuri, MD


John Morgan Headshot 

Medical School:

The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio


Tarleton State University, Stephenville, TX

LSU felt like an excellent fit during my interview, and that feeling has carried over to my time at the program. There's a friendly atmosphere here with a diverse range of faculty mentors and senior residents that actually enjoy teaching and spending time with each other. This playful atmosphere combined with a strong clinical program, diverse pathology, and exposure to underserved populations made LSU a great match. -Josh




Xujia "Jessica" Li, MD


Nathaniel Rieveschl Headshot 

Medical School:

Saint Louis University School of Medicine, St. Louis


Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH

I chose LSU because of the culture of this program - our faculty always willing to teach and help residents succeed. By rotating through multiple different sites, we're able to see a variety of pathology and learn from different attending physicians.

- Jessica



Carson Panovec, MD


Panovec Headshot 

Medical School:

University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis, TN


Lipscomb University, Nashville, TN

I enjoy LSU because of the people. Fellow residents are great coworkers and friends. The culture is healthy and thriving. Staff is knowledgeable and helpful. The unique opportunity to rotate through many different sites exposes you to a wide variety of patients and pathologies. That diverse exposure sets you up for any practice or fellowship you want to pursue. - Carson




Brad Scofield, MD


brad Scofield Headshot

Medical School:

Louisana State University HSC, Shreveport, LA


Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA

I chose LSU because the program strikes the balance of just the right amount of graduated autonomy, as well as experience in all subspecialties with numerous fellowship-trained attendings. From rotations at large academic medical centers to rural hospitals and everything in between, this program gives a breadth of training that is unmatched. - Brad



Wayne "Trey" Wortmann, MD


Wrotmann Headshot

Medical School:

Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center,

New Orleans, LA


Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge

Being from Southeast Louisiana I have always enjoyed our vibrant and diverse community, and I knew it would be a wonderful place to learn from many different patients and faculty the skills I would need in my future practice. - Trey


PGY1, Class of 2027


Bennett  Eward Ahearn, MD


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Michael Ryan Dieringer, MD


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Cammille Chin-Fong Go, MD


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Daniel Kwanhyoung Lee, MD



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Anirudh “Rick” Mukhopadhyay, MD



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Jonah Christopher Rittenberry, MD


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Paul Edward Videau, MD



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