School of Medicine

Diversity and Community Engagement

College Recruitment Activities

  • Recruitment Visits: Recruitment visits are made to identify, recruit, select, and track talented disadvantaged students who have an expressed interest in medicine. ODCE faculty/staff make recruitment visits throughout the academic year to the state's undergraduate institutions, including Xavier, Dillard, SUNO, UNO, Loyola, Tulane, Our Lady of Holy Cross, Southeastern, Grambling, Southern, and LSU.
  • Admission Counseling: Year-round admission counseling, conducted at LSUHSC, provides information about the medical school application process and assists students with personal needs, such as providing mock interviews and assistance with essay writing.
  • Pre-medical Advisor Workshops: ODCE conducts pre-medical advisor workshops for college academic counselors, faculty, and administrators, strengthening their links with LSUHSC and giving them adequate information with which to advise students

Below are the required courses for admission to medical school as well as recommended courses that will provide a strong foundation for the medical school curriculum.


  • Chemistry - eight semester hours of general/inorganic chemistry with laboratory
  • Chemistry - eight semester hours of organic chemistry with laboratory
  • Physics - eight semester hours of general physics with laboratory
  • Biology - eight semester hours of general biology with laboratory
  • English - demonstrated proficiency in spoken and written English

Other Recommended Courses

  • Selection from the following science courses are recommended; Biochemistry (Strongly recommended), Cell Biology, Comparative vertebrate anatomy, Computer sciences, Embryology (Developmental Biology), Histology, Mathematics, Microbiology, Molecular genetics, Physiology, Statistics (epidemiology)
  • Selection from the arts and humanities courses are also recommended: Economics, English, Ethics, Foreign languages, History, Philosophy, Public speaking, Sociology