Office of Medical Education

Undergraduate Medical Education

Curriculum Management

The School of Medicine curriculum is centrally managed through the Office of Undergraduate Medical Education and the work of several committees, each of which has defined roles and responsibilities with respect to curriculum oversight, development, revisions, policies, and assessment.  The three standing committees  (Curriculum Steering, Curriculum Renewal, and Course Evaluation) are School of Medicine committees with faculty and student representation.  The Preclerkship Course and Clerkship Director Committees consist of the faculty in those directorship roles.

  • The Curriculum Steering Committee has comprehensive oversight and management of the entire curriculum and has the authority to approve curriculum policies and major curriculum changes. This committee is responsible for continuous monitoring of the curriculum through the school’s CQI process.
  • The Curriculum Renewal Committee conducts periodic reviews of the phases of the curriculum and the curriculum as a whole, incorporating feedback from numerous data sources. It identifies curriculum needs and convenes work groups to address those needs, working closely with the other curriculum committees to accomplish its goals.
  • The Course Evaluation Committee has the responsibility for evaluating the courses and clerkships in the medical education program. It reviews the student-driven Aesculapian reviews for all courses and clerkships and conducts its own comprehensive evaluations of all courses and clerkships on a rotating basis.
  • The Preclerkship Course Director Committee considers overarching issues related to the preclerkship phase of the curriculum, including phase-specific policies, assessment strategies, pedagogical methods, and content integration.
  • The Clerkship Director Committee considers overarching issues related to the clerkship phase of the curriculum, including phase-specific policies, determinations of required clinical skills and core clinical conditions, assessment strategies, and matters involving clinical sites.


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