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Office of Medical Education
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Student Policies 

Professional Conduct and Mistreatment Policies

Student Supervision Policy


LSUHSC- School of Medicine Guidelines for the use of Lecture Capture Technology


Clerkship Duty Hours

(Approved in 2016 by the Curriculum Steering Committee, the Curriculum Renewal Committee, the Clerkship Director’s Committee, and the Dean)


Students on clinical clerkships should not spend more than 80 hours per week (on average over the duration of the clerkship) in clinical and didactic learning activities.  Students who are assigned to overnight call in the hospital should not have patient care responsibilities after 1:00 PM on the following day.  Students will still be expected to attend mandatory didactic activities even after overnight call.   In-house call must occur no more frequently than every third night, averaged over a four-week period.  Students should have at least 24 consecutive hours off/week averaged over the duration of the clerkship and including school holidays.  This policy holds true for all required clerkships.

If a student has concerns that their duty hours have been exceeded, they should contact the clerkship director as soon as possible.  If students are not comfortable contacting the clerkship director, they should contact the Director of the Clinical Sciences Curriculum (Dr. Catherine Hebert), the Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Medical Education (Dr. Robin English), the Director of Student Affairs (Dr. Kourtnie Robin), the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs (Dr. Fred Lopez or Dr. Hamilton Farris), or the Associate Dean for Student Affairs (Dr. Cathy Lazarus).



Hospital Appearance/Dress Code 

Students are expected to maintain a professional appearance in patient care areas.  University Medical Center has adopted UMC Appearance Policy for employees and staff.  Students are also expected to comply.  Expectations will be similar at other hospitals, so you should use these as guidelines for your appearance on all clinical rotations. Students should also read these guidelines about attire in the operating room and preoperative/postoperative areas.

Clerkship Absence




Clerkship Failure Guidelines

The following are institutional guidelines, but some clerkships may have more specific policies.

A grade of “Incomplete” will be given to a student who passes all clinical and other requirements of the clerkship but fails the NBME examination.  This grade will be changed to a “Pass” once the examination is retaken and passed successfully.

A grade of “Fail” will be given to a student under the following circumstances:

  • The student does not turn in all requirements (e.g. booklets, other assignments) by 14 days after the examination. 
  • The student does not complete all online modules by 14 days after the examination. 

Clerkship directors may assign a grade of “Fail” to a student under the following circumstances:

  • The student receives a failing evaluation for one or more clinical components of the clerkship.
  • The student displays unprofessional behavior during the course of the clerkship.


Promotion Policies


Needle Stick Injury


Additional Policies related to medical school curriculum

Pre-clerkship work hours

Mid-Clerkship and formative feedback

Narrative feedback

Timeliness of grades