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Women's Health Research Consortium

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Projects in Progress 


Implementation of new ACOG recommendations for postpartum care in the greater New Orleans area. 

  • Student Investigators: Lucey Gavlinski, Paige Guillory 
  • Principal Investigator: La'Nasha Tanner, MD, Jaime Alleyn, MD, Stacey Holman, MD, Amelia Jernigan, MD

Compliance of postpartum follow-up in LSU Ob-gyn prenatal clinics

  • Student Investigators: Shannon Beerman, Madison Lanza 
  • Principal Investigator: Stacey Holman, MD, Jaime Alleyn, MD 

Factors that contribute to postpartum birth control method 

  • Student Investigators: Simmi Mittal, Melanie Hotz
  • Principal Investigator: La'Nasha Tanner, MD



Correlation between patient-reported body image perception and quality of life scores in sexual, physical, and social functioning. 

  • Student Investigators: Annabelle Clark, Olivia Gilbert
  • Principal Investigator: Navya Nair, MD 

Outcomes of women aged 14-20 who underwent cervical cancer screening from 2003 - 2013. 

  • Student Investigators: Aubrey Schachter, Kelsie Guice, Taylor Boudreaux, Anwei Polly Gwan
  • Principal Investigator: Felton Winfield, MD 

Patient rating of physicians based on race and gender of physicians:

  • Student Investigator: Tina Ngyuyen
  • Principal Investigator: Amelia Jernigan, MD

Incidence of Vaginal Cuff Dehiscence after hysterectomy in association with route of cuff closure

  • Student Investigator: Margaret Carey
  • Principal Investigator: Elizabeth Sutton, MD

Have providers been doing risk reducing BSO's appropriately?

  • Student Investigator: Kelsey Kramer
  • Principal Investigator: Stacey Scheib, MD. Amelia Jernigan, MD

How often are we performing appendectomy at the time of other gyn surgery?

  • Student Investigator: Sarah Bond 
  • Principal Investiagor: Stacey Scheib, MD

Gynecologic Oncology

The effects of the Louisiana Medicaid expansion on the stage of cervical, ovarian, and advanced gynecologic cancers

  • Student Investigators: Ashley Duhon, Paige Guillory, Shannon Beerman, Simi Mittal
  • Principal Investigator: Amelia Jernigan, MD 

Patient-cited motivations and barriers to clinical trial enrollment in an underserved, deep South patient population. 

  • Student Investigators: Natasha Rezvani, Olivia Gilbert, Chloe Smith 
  • Principal Investigator: Amelia Jernigan, MD 

Efficacy of the levonorgestrel IUD in the treatment of endometrial hyperplasia and adenocarcinoma. 

  • Student Investigators: Aubrey Schachter, Natasha Rezvani 
  • Resident Investigator: Jahan Jadauji, MD
  • Principal Investigator: Holly Provost, MD 

Genetic screening in endometrial cancer in Southern Louisiana. 

  • Student Investigators: Morgan McDougal, Tova Weiss, Izzy Dao
  • Principal Investigator: Amelia Jernigan, MD 

A view into a cohort of patients who have had at least one abnormal Pap smear. 

  • Student Investigators: Allison Feibus
  • Principal Investigator: Amelia Jernigan, MD 


Factors that influence the route of hysterectomy decision at an academic institution in the Southeastern US. 

  • Student Investigator: Melanie Hotz
  • Principal Investigator: Lisa Peacock, MD 

Effect of duration and dosing interval of phenopyridine prior to cystoscopy on visualization. 

  • Student Investigator: Anwei Polly Gwan
  • Principal Investigator: Lisa Peacock, MD

Pediatric & Adolescent Gynecology 

Association between urine leukocyte esterase and Chlamydia & Gonorrhea screening in inpatient adolescent psychiatric patients 

  • Student Investigators: Erika Brugier, Taylor Heltz, Caroline Bilbe,Claire Hartgrove
  • Principal Investigaor: Amanda Dumas, MD

Hematology & Oncology

Preferred timing of chemotherapy in breast cancer patients. 

  • Student Investigators: Baili Fontenot, Yazan Alqara, Joseph Romito 
  • Principal Investigator: Agustin Garcia, MD

Timing of genetic testing for newly diagnosed patients with breast cancer. 

  • Student Investigators: Mackenzie Fredericks, Sarah Bond 
  • Principal Investigator: Agustin Garcia, MD

Quality Improvement 

Decision-to-Incision time in emergent surgical cases based on surgeon gender. 

  • Student Investigators: Taylor Boudreaux, Aubrey Schachter
  • Principal Investigator: Amelia Jernigan, MD 

Cardiovascular risks and referral to primary care in response to ACOG's Practice Bulletin on Cardiac Disease in Pregnancy. 

  • Student Investigators: Taylor Boudreaux
  • Principal Investigator: La'Nasha Tanner, MD 

Medical Education

Student satisfaction with current research opportunities. 

  • Student Investigators: Aubrey Schachter, Ashley Duhon, Maya Roth 
  • Principal Investigator: Amelia Jernigan, MD