Denese O. Shervington, MD, MPH

Associate Professor of Clinical Psychiatry

1542 Tulane Avenue
Room 358
New Orleans, LA 70112
Phone: (504) 568-6001

Clinical Interests

Intersection between Eastern Spirituality and Western Traditional Psychotherapy
Culture, Race and Health
Intersection between Mental and Sexual Health

Selected Publications

Shervington DO, Reflections on the Resistance of African American Women to Population/Birth Control., Beyond the Numbers: A Reader on Population and Control Issues Island Press., Apr 1994.

Pena, Bland, Shervington, Rice, Foulks, Racial Identity and Its Assessment in a Sample of African American Men in Treatment for Cocaine Dependence., Am J. Drug Alcohol Abuse 26 (1).pp 97-112, 2000.

Pena, Bland, Shervington, Rice, Foulks, A Two-Rate Hypothesis for Patterns of retention in Psychosocial Treatments of Cocaine Dependence: Findings from a Study of African American Men and a Review of the Published Data., Amer J. on Addictions 8:319-331, 1999.

Shervington, Bland, Myers, Ethnicity, Gender Identity, Stress and Coping Among Female African-American Medical Students., JAMWA 51:4. 153-154, 1996.

Foulks E, Bland I, Shervington D, Cross Psychotherapy Across Cultures., Annual Review of Psychiatry Vol 14. APA Press. Wash DC 511-528, 1995.