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CSI 201  Skills Lab # 2:  P2232852 small

Lumbar Puncture

OBJECTIVES/COMPETENCIES:  At the end of this lab, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate and review appropriate Lumbar Puncture: indications, contraindications, technique, and equipment.
  • Demonstrate universal precautions and sterile technique.

Read Lumbar Puncture in the Student Procedure Manual; view video on Lumbar Puncture; and Review above web pages prior to the session.  Also review PowerPoint presentation on Skills Lab 2, which may be printed out as a handout.  Take online pre-test prior to the "Zoom" scheduled review: pretest, discussion, and question/answer. After the Zoom session, student groups will attend a scheduled lab session for a procedure demonstration and practice. Students will report to the Skills Lab to demonstrate the procedure/skill on either an anatomical model or patient simulator.   





LSU Health New Orleans – Needle Stick Injury

  1. Wash and clean injury/flush mucous membranes immediately.
  2. Assess risk.
  3. Characterize exposure.
  4. Evaluate exposure by medical history (Student Health: Source Risk Questionnaire).
  5. Evaluate and test exposed individuals.
  6. Perform Quick HIV test - this test is usually available at your nearest hospital ER. The rapid HIV test should be performed on the Source Patient.
  7. Decide whether or not Prophylaxis is needed.





DRESS:  Comfortable Clothes


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