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Clinical Skills Lab

  • Daryl Lofaso, Ph.D., RRT, CHSE
    Skills Lab Course Director
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  • 2020 Gravier Street, Suite 602
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CSI 102 – Physiology Lab

Cardiac Monitoring


OBJECTIVES/COMPETENCIES At the end of this lab, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate and review the attachment, reading and assessment of EKG monitor.
  • Demonstrate proper application of EKG monitor and basic EKG rhythm identification.  
  • Demonstrate and review proper pulse assessment on a simulated patient – Regular, Regularly-Irregular or Irregularly-Irregular.

Read the cardiac monitor handout and review Bates (12th Ed) textbook, Charpter 9, section "Electrocardiogram" prior to the session. 

DRESS: Comfortable clothes

Updated: 5/2022


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