Please click on any of the links found below to learn more about personalized medicine and targeted therapies for lung cancer:


Booklets & Handouts

  1. Lung Cancer: New Tools For Making Decisions About Treatment (CancerCare) (fact sheet)

  2. Lung Cancer: New Treatment Directions, A Guide for the Patient (Lung Cancer Alliance) (booklet)

  3. Personalised Cancer Medicine: An ESMO Guide for Patients (ESMO) (booklet)

  4. Targeted Therapies in Cancer (Research Advocacy Network) (booklet)

  5. Targeted Therapy for Lung Cancer: A Guide for the Patient (Lung Cancer Alliance) (booklet, 2017)

  6. Targeted Therapies in Lung Cancer (WALCE) (booklet)

  7. Targeted Therapies and Your Lung Cancer (Lung Cancer Foundation of America, LCFA) (brochure)

  8. What You Need to Know About...Targeted Cancer Therapy (LUNGevity) (booklet)


Web Pages

  1. The Basics of Personalized Medicine for Lung Cancer (Cancer Commons) (web page)

  2. Lung Cancer: New Tools for Making Decisions About Treatment ( ​(web page)

  3. Lung Cancer Info: Targeted Therapy (Free to Breathe) (web page)

  4. Personalized and Targeted Therapies ( (web page)

  5. What is Personalized Medicine? (Genome) (web page article)

  6. Targeted Therapies (Lung Cancer Network) (web page)

  7. Targeted Therapies (Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation) (web page)

  8. Targeted Cancer Therapies (National Cancer Institute) (web page)

  9. Understanding the Role of Personalized Medicine ( (web page)

  10. Understanding Targeted Therapy (Cancer.Net) (web page)

  11. Targeted Cancer Therapy (American Cancer Society) (web page)

  12. Targeted Therapy (LUNGevity) (web page)

  13. Targeted Therapy Drugs for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (American Cancer Society) (web page)



  1. Personalized Medicine Coalition (website)  


  1. Precision Medicine for Me (website)

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Video Library

  1. Ask the Expert: Personalized Care - What You Need to Know (American Lung Association)

  2. Closing in on a Moving Target: New Targeted Therapies Take Aim at Lung Cancer (American Lung Association)

  3. Precision Medicine for Lung Cancer (National Cancer Institute) (YouTube)

  4. What Targeted Therapies are Currently Available? (Lung Cancer Foundation of America, LCFA) (YouTube)

  5. Genetic Mutations in Lung Cancer (Lung Cancer Foundation of America, LCFA) (YouTube)

  6. Understanding Mutations in Lung Cancer (LUNGevity Foundation) (YouTube)

  7. Targeted Therapy (Lung Cancer Foundation of America, LCFA) (YouTube)

  8. Using Targeted Therapy Treatment in Lung Cancer (Life With Lung Cancer) (YouTube)

  9. Introduction to EGFR Inhibitors (LUNGevity Foundation) (YouTube)

  10. Introduction to ALK Inhibitors (LUNGevity Foundation) (YouTube)



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