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Please click on any of the links below to learn more about research participation and information:


Booklets & Guides

  1. Clinical Trials: Improving the Care of People Living with Cancer (CareCare) (booklet)

  2. Clinical Trials: What You Need to Know (American Cancer Society) (booklet)

  3. How You Can Help Medical Research: Donating Your Blood, Tissue, and Other Samples (National Cancer Institute) (patient booklet)

  4. Importance of Tissue Samples in Research (Research Advocacy Network) (booklet)

  5. Lung Cancer Clinical Trials (Lung Cancer Alliance) (Understanding Series, booklet)

  6. Providing Tissue for Research: What You Need to Know (National Cancer Institute) (patient booklet)

  7. Taking Part in Cancer Treatment Research Studies (National Cancer Institute) (patient booklet)

  8. Taking Part in Clinical Trials: Cancer Prevention Studies, What Participants Need to Know (National Institutes of Health) (booklet)

  9. What You Need to Know About Clinical Trials: Patient-Assisted Research (LUNGevity Foundation) (booklet)


Leaflets, Handouts & Fact Sheets

  1. Clinic Trials (Global Lung Cancer Coalition) (fact sheet)

  2. Clinical Trials Lead to New Treatments (Free to Breathe) (infographic)

  3. Clinical Trials: Questions and Answers (MD Anderson Cancer Center) (Patient Education handout)

  4. Don't Be Afraid of Clinical Trials: They Could Improve the Quality of Your Care (CancerCare) (fact sheet)

  5. Glossary of Lung Cancer Clinical Trial Terms (Lung Cancer Clinical Trial Call to Action) (handout)

  6. If You Have Cancer and Have Medicare...What You Should Know About Clinical Trials (National Institutes of Health) (handouts)

  7. Lung Cancer Clinical Trials Call to Action Fact Sheet (Lung Cancer Clinical Call to Action) (fact sheet handout)

  8. Lung Cancer Clinical Trials: Getting the Best Care Possible (Free to Breathe) (patient leaflet)

  9. Questions for Clinical Trial Volunteers to Ask the Clinical Trial Doctor (clinicaltrials.com) (patient leaflet)

  10. Questions for Your Doctor About Clinical Trials (Lung Cancer Clinical Trial Call to Action) (handout)

  11. Understanding Lung Cancer Clinical Trials: A Guide for the Patient (Lung Cancer Alliance) (Understanding Series, brochure)


Worksheets & Checklists

  1. Are Clinical Trials Right For You? (American Lung Association) (patient checklist)

  2. Clinical Trial Prescription Instructions (MD Anderson Cancer Center) (Patient Education, worksheet)

  3. Questions to Ask Your Doctor About Comprehensive Genomic Profiling (patient worksheet)


​​​Quizzes & Interactive Tools

  1. Find a Clinical Trial (A Breath of Hope Lung Foundation) (interative tool)

  2. Participating in Clinical Trials Quizzes (NIHSeniorHealth's web page)


Video Library

  1. Advancements in Lung Cancer Research (American Lung Association) (YouTube)

  2. Exploring the Options: Clinical Trials (American Cancer Society) (YouTube)


Other Web Pages

  1. About Clinical Trials (American Lung Association)

  2. About Clinical Trials (Clinical Connection)

  3. Clinical Trials (Lungcancer.org)

  4. Lung Cancer Clinical Trial Matching Service (CancerCare's Lungcancer.org)

  5. Patient-to-Patient: What to Expect in a Clinical Trial (CURE)

  6. Understanding Cancer Research Studies (University Medical Center)



  1. ACT (About Clinical Trials)
  2. Cancer Research Institute

  3.  CenterWatch (CenterWatch's Lung Cancer Clinical Trials)

  4. Clinical Connection

  5. ClinicalTrials.com

  6. ClinicalTrials.gov (click HERE to see our Lung Cancer Study on this site)

  7. EmergingMed 


  9.  Lung Cancer Master Protocol (Lung-MAP) Clinical Trials

  10. Lung Cancer Research Council

  11. Lung Cancer Research Foundation

  12. ResearchMatch

  13. Women in Clinical Trials




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