Please click on any of the links below for nutritional and dietary information, along with recipes for the lung cancer patient and survivor:

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Nutrition & Cancer

  • Handouts & Fact S heets
  1. Coping With Nutrition-Related Consequences of Lung Cancer (Today'sDietitian) (handout)

  2. Eating Tips for Cancer Patients (California Pacific Medical Center) (handout)

  3. Food For Thought: Can Diet Play a Role in Lung Cancer? (John Sacco, MD, University of Cincinnati Cancer Institute) (PowerPoint presentation slides)

  4. Living with Lung Cancer: Practical Tips for Eating (Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation) (handout)

  5. Lung Cancer Nutrition FAQs (Abramson Cancer Center) (handout)

  6. Lung Cancer Nutrition Tips  (American Lung Association) (leaflet)

  7. Nutrition and Lung Cancer (Jennifer Woldshohl, RD, CSO, KD) (handout)

  • Booklets
  1. A Practical Guide for Lung Cancer Nutritional Care (

  2. Chapter 8: Nutrition in the Patient with Lung Cancer (Lung Cancer Choices, Caring Ambassadors, 2014, pgs. 108-122)

  3. Chapter 12: Nutrition and Lung Cancer (With Every Breath: A Lung Cancer Guidebook, pgs. 258-286) (Lung Cancer Caring Ambassadors Program)

  4. Eating Problems and Cancer (Macmillan Cancer Support)

  5. HEAL WELL: A Cancer Nutrition Guide (American Institute For Cancer Research, LIVESTRONG Foundation, & Savor Health)

  6. Healthy Eating and Cancer (Macmillan Cancer Support)

  7. Lifestyle Changes That Make a Difference: Nutritional and Physical Activity Guidelines for Cancer Survivors (American Cancer Society)

  8. Nutrition and Cancer: A guide for people with cancer, their families and friends (Cancer Council NSW)

  9. Nutrition and the Cancer Survivor (American Institute for Cancer Research, AICR)  (Cancer Survivor Series)

  10. Survivorship: Nutrition Guidelines for Cancer Survivors (MD Anderson Cancer Center)

  11. The Building-Up Diet (Macmillan Cancer Support)

  • Web Pages
  1. Common Questions About Diet and Cancer (American Cancer Society)

  2. Cooking Tips for the Lung Cancer Patient (Everyday Health Media)

  3. Fruits, Vegetables, and Cancer Prevention (Cancer Council)

  4. Lung Cancer Nutrition: Lung Cancer Diet - Beating Cancer with Nutrition (Sarah Cannon) (web page blog)

  5. Nutrition (CancerCare)

  6. Nutrition (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center)

  7. Nutrition (Your Cancer Game Plan)

  8. Nutrition and Cancer (

  9. Nutrition and Cancer (OncoLink)

  10. Nutrition Basics for Cancer Survivors (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, MSKCC) (PDF)

  11. Nutrition for Lung Cancer (American Lung Association)

  12. Nutrition for Lung Cancer Patients (John Hopkins Medicine)

  13. Nutrition for People with Cancer (American Cancer Society)

  14. Nutrition in Cancer Care (PDQ) - Patient Version (National Cancer Institute)

  15. Nutrition Information (John Hopkins Medicine)

  16. Nutrition Resources (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute)


Nutrition & Cancer Treatment

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  • Handouts & Booklets
  1. Coping with Appetite and Weight Changes (CancerCare) (fact sheet)

  2. Coping with Cancer-Related Weight Changes and Muscle Loss (CancerCare) (fact sheet)

  3. Diet and Cancer: A Guide for People with Cancer (Irish Cancer Society) (booklet)

  4. Eating Hints: Before, During, and After Cancer Treatment  (National Cancer Institute) (booklet)

  5. Eating Well When You Have Cancer (Canadian Cancer Society) (booklet)

  6. Lung Cancer Nutritional Guide: Nutritional Tips and Suggestions For Patients During Treatment (Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center) (booklet)

  7. Managing Chemotherapy Side Effects: Appetite Changes (National Cancer Institute) (handout)

  8. No Appetite? How to Get Nutrition During Cancer Treatment (Mayo Clinic) (article)

  9. Nutrition and Lung Cancer: Before, During and After Treatment (BC Cancer Agency, Oncology Nutrition) (handout)

  10. Nutrition and Lung Cancer  (Lung Cancer Canada) (handout)   

  11. Nutrition During Cancer Treatment (American Institute for Cancer Research, AICR) (Cancer Survivor Series) (booklet)

  12. Nutrition During Lung Cancer Treatment (John Hopkins Medicine) (infographic)

  13. Nutrition for the Person with Cancer During Treatment: A Guide for Patients and Families (American Cancer Society) (booklet)

  14. The Importance of Nutrition During Treatment (CancerCare) (fact sheet)

  15. Tips for Managing Nausea and Increasing Appetite During Cancer Treatment(CancerCare) (fact sheet)

  16. Treatment Day: Portable Snacks and Treats (Pearlpoint) (handout)

  17. Understanding Taste and Smell Changes: Information for people affected by cancer (Cancer Council NSW) (handout)

  • Web Pages
  1. 8 Tips for Managing Weight during and after Cancer Treatment (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center)

  2. 8 tips to fight cancer-related appetite loss (UK HealthCare)

  3. Chemo Cookery Club (website)

  4. Dealing with Side Effects (Chemocare)

  5. Dealing with Treatment Side Effects (American Institute of Cancer Research)

  6. Diet for Cancer Treatment Side Effects (UCSF Medical Center)

  7. Eating during cancer treatment: Tips to make food tastier (Mayo Clinic)

  8. Eating Tips During Cancer Treatment (

  9. Five Tips to Help Cancer Patients Eat Enough Calories (UK HealthCare)

  10. Foods to Avoid During Cancer Treatment (Cancer.Net)

  11. Managing Nutrition during Cancer and Treatment (Chemocare)

  12. Modified Diets (Chemocare)

  13. Nutrition During Cancer Treatment (

  14. Nutrition During Cancer Treatment: Overview (OncoLink)

  15. Nutrition Recommendations During and After Treatment (Cancer.Net)

  16. Nutrition Therapy for Lung Cancer (Cancer Treatment Centers of America)

  17. Protein Needs During Cancer Treatment (OncoLink)

  18. The Benefits of Proper Nutrition During Lung Cancer Treatment  (Free To Breathe)

  19. Tips for Before and During Treatment: Eating Hints for Patients with Cancer (The University of Arizona Cancer Center)

  20. Treatment Side Effects - Changes in Taste and Appetite (

  21. Staying Nourished During Cancer Treatment (Cancer Treatment Centers of America)

  • Podcasts
  1. Healthy Eating and Managing Weight Changes During Cancer Treatment (CancerCare)

  2. Nutrition and Healthy Eating Tips During and After Cancer Treatments (CancerCare)


Nutritional Supplements


  • Handouts
  1. Help or Harm? Nutritional Supplements Chart (University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center

  2. Living with Lung Cancer: Practical Tips for Using Oral Nutritional Supplements (Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation)

  3. Nutrition and Supplements (University of Maryland Medical Center)

  • Web Pages
  1. About Herbs, Botanicals & Other Products (Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center)

  2. Dietary Supplements (

  3. Dietary Supplements and Cancer Treatment: A Risky Mixture (National Cancer Institute)

  4. Lung Cancer and Your Immune System: Cancer Supplements (Lung Cancer Foundation for Young Women)

  5. The safety of vitamins and diet supplements (Cancer Research UK)

  6. Will Supplements Help Me If I Have Lung Cancer? (Patient Power)


Cancer Fighting Foods & Prevention

  • Handouts & Booklets

  1. 5 Tips for a Cancer-Fighting Diet ( (handout)

  2. Foods to help lower you cacner risk (MD Anderson Cancer Center) (printable grocery list, PDF)

  3. Nutrition and Healthy Living (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute) (handout)

  4. The Cancer Survivors Guide: Foods that help you fight back! (Neal D. Barnard, MD & Jennifer K. Reilly, RD, Healthy Living Publications, 2008) (booklet & recipes)

  • Web Pages
  1. AICR'S FOODS THAT FIGHT CANCER (American Institute for Cancer Research)

  2. Diet and Cancer Prevention (Anne Arundel Medical Center)

  3. Diet - What to Eat for Lower Cancer Risk (American Institute for Cancer Research)

  4. Eat to Beat Cancer (AARP)

  5. Food and Cancer Prevention (Cancer.Net)

  6. Foods to Fight Lung Cancer (Livestrong) (web page article)

  7. Lung Cancer Fighting Foods (

  8. Slideshow: Top Cancer-Fighting Foods (WebMD)

  9. Super Foods (Cancer Treatment Centers of America)

  10. Superfoods That Lower Lung Cancer Risk (

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Other Helpful Information

  1. Assessing Your Nutritional Health (The Nutritional Screening Initiative) (worksheet)

  2. Healthy Eating (National Institute on Aging) (web page with different articles)

  3. Eat Healthy (American Cancer Society) (web page)

  4. Exercise for People Living with Cancer: A guide for people with cancer, their families and friends (Cancer Council NSW) (booklet)

  5. Key Studies of Cancer, Nutrition, & Fitness (Savor Health) (booklet)

  6. Loss of Muscle & Weight from Lung Cancer  (Lung Cancer Alliance) (A Guide for the Patient, brochure)   


Food Safety

  1. Food Safety During and After Cancer Treatment (Cancer.Net) (web page)

  2. Food Safety for People with Cancer (Cancer.Net) (inforgraphic)

  3. Food Safety For People With Cancer: A Need to Know Guide for Those Who Have Been Diagnosed with Cancer (US Department of Agriculture Food and Drug Administration) (patient booklet)

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  • Cookbooks, Booklets, & Handouts

  1. Cancer Prevention Recipe Cards

  2. Healthy Eating on a Budget Cookbook (United States Department of Agriculture) (cookbook)

  3. Healthy Recipes for patients receiving chemotherapy ( (recipe booklet)

  4. High-calorie High-protein Recipes (Clinical Nutrition Services) (booklet)

  5. Keep the Beat Recipes: Deliciously Healthy Dinners (U.S. Department of Human and Health Services, National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute) (cookbook, PDF)

  6. Let's Get Cooking! (Your Cancer Game Plan) (recipe guide booklet)

  7. Recipes for People Affected by Cancer (Macmillan Cancer Support) (Recipe Book, PDF)

  • Web Pages

  1. AICR Healthy Recipes (American Institute for Cancer Research)

  2. Cook For Your LIFE's Recipes

  3. Eating Well for Wellness: Recipes (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute)

  4. Find Healthy Recipes (American Cancer Society)

  5. Healthy Recipes (John Hopkins Medicine)

  6. Recipes (Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics'

  7. Recipes (

  8. Recipes (Macmillan Cancer Support)

  9. Recipes (Nutrition in Cancer)

  10. Recipes and Meal Ideas for Fighting Lung Cancer (

  11. Recipe Box ( (The Cancer Fighting Kitchen)

  12. Recipes, Menus, and Diets (Oncology Nutrition Dietetic Practice Group)

  13. Sample Menu (Cancer Treatment Centers of America)

  14. Top 4 Juices to Improve Your Lungs (Lung Institute)

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Interactive Tools & Quizzes

  1. Check Your Nutrition (Nutrition in Cancer)

  2. Nutrition and Activity Quiz (American Cancer Society) (interactive web page)

  3. Nutritional Assessment Checklist (Nutrition Screening Initiative) (handout)

  4. QUIZ: Guess the Cancer-Fighting Food (American Institute for Cancer Research) (interactive web page)

  5. QUIZ: How Healthy Is Your Diet? (American Institute for Cancer Research) (interactive web page)


Websites & Organizations

  1. Cancer Dietitian

  2. Cook For Your LIFE


  4. Eat to Beat Cancer™

  5. ELLICSR Kitchen

  6. Lung Cancer Nutrition

  7. Oncology Nutrition

  8. Remission Nutrition


Online Consultation

  1. AICR Nutrition Hotline:  (American Institute for Cancer Research) (Tel: 1-800-843-8114, , M-F, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET)

  2. MyConsult Online Nutrition Consultation (Cleveland Clinic) (Tel: 1-216-444-3223 or 1-800-223-2273, extension 43223)

  3. Nutrional Consults for Cancer Survivors (My PearlPoint)


Mobile App

  1. Ask The Nutritionist: Recipes for Fighting Cancer (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute) (free nutrtion app, iPhone, Android)


Video Library

  1. Eating During Cancer Treatment (Norton Cancer Institute) (YouTube)

  2. Food Safety for Cancer Patients (Norton Cancer Institute) (YouTube)

  3. Healthy Eating, Active Living Videos (American Cancer Society) (web page)

  4. How to Gain Weight After Cancer Treatment (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute) (YouTube)

  5. How to Manage Chemotherapy Symptoms Through Food (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute) (YouTube)

  6. Living with Lung Cancer: How Nutrition and Exercise Affect Outcomes (Free to Breathe) (YouTube)

  7. Nutrition and Cancer (Norton Cancer Institute) (YouTube)

  8. What Foods Should Patients Avoid During Cancer Treatment? (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute) (YouTube)

  9. Why is Good Nutrition Important for People Who Have Completed Cancer Treatment? (Cancer Treatment Centers of America) (Video, web page)

  10. Why is Nutrition Important for People Fighting Cancer? (Cancer Treatment Centers of America) (Video, web page)









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