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  1. You Have the Right to Be Hopeful (National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship, NCCS)



Web Pages

  1. Creative Inspiration (OncoLink)

  2.  HOPE (Lung Cancer Foundation of American, LCFA)

  3. Inspirational Cancer Stories (

  4. Lung Cancer Stories of Hope (American Cancer Society)

  5. Meet 5 Inspirational Lung Cancer Survivors (Lung Cancer Foundation of America, LCFA)

  6. Remaining Hopeful (National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship) (web page)

  7. Shared Stories (American Lung Association)

  8. Stories of Help & Hope (​

  9. Stories of Hope (Lung Cancer Alliance)

  10. Stories of Hope & Action (Lung Cancer Initiative)



Web Page Articles

  1. Collection of Lung Cancer Stories: Stories of Hope, Strength, & Survival (

  2. Empowered! My Journey - My Choices (Jessica Steinberg, MS, Caring Ambassadors Lung Cancer Program)



Video Library

  1. HOPE (Lung Cancer Foundation of America, LCFA) (YouTube)

  2. Extending Confidence & Hope to Lung Cancer Patients (Patient Power Network)

  3. Hope Through Cancer Research (LifeWithLungCancer) (YouTube)

  4. New Hope for Lung Cancer Patients (Patient Power)



Online Communities of Support & Inspiration

  1. Inspire

  2. Cancer Hope Network




  1. Lung Cancer Circle of Hope





  1. Free to Breathe's Beards for Hope beards for hope





  1. LUNGevity's HOPE Summits (






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