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Faculty Interests Database

Thomas Lallier, PhD

Cell Biology and Anatomy / Oral & Craniofacial Biology


Keywords Associated with Work Cell Adhesion
Connective Tissue Cells
Extracellular Matrix
Gene Expression Regulation, Developmental
Integrin alpha Chains
Neural Crest
Primary Research / Clinical / Teaching Interests Cell Aging
Cell Differentiation
Cell Movement
Cell response to smoking
Dental Implants
Periodontal ligament fibroblast
Smoking smoking
Secondary Research / Clinical / Teaching Interests Embryonic Structures
Unique Equipment Used Milli Q Water System molecular biology grade water MEB 6152 Contact Person: Uyen Tran
stereoscope dissecting microscope MEB 6156 Contact Person: Uyen Tran
ThermoForma Incubator Shaker, Model 420 MEB 6121 Contact Person: Tom Lallier
ThermoForma Incubator, Model 1535 MEB 6121 Contact Person: Tom Lallier
vacuum oven oven w/ vacuum system; embedding MEB 6152 Contact Person: Uyen Tran
Unique Techniques Used or Developed Cell Culture Techniques
Microscopy, Fluorescence
Last Updated: 02/06/2020