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Psychiatry and Psychology
   Behavior and Behavior Mechanisms
               Drinking Behavior
                     Alcohol Drinking

Nicholas Gilpin, PhD
School of Medicine
Primary Research / Clinical / Teaching Interests:
AddictionPainPost-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
Unique Equipment Used:
Alcohol Vapor InhalationNicotine Vapor InhalationOperant Self-Administration
Keywords Associated with Work:
AddictionAlcohol DrinkingAlcoholismAnxietyBehavior, AddictiveBiochemistryCannabinoidsCannabisCircuitElectrophysiologyEndocannabinoidsMolecular BiologyNicotineOpiatesOpioidsPainPhotometryStreet DrugsStressStress Disorders, Post-TraumaticTraumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
Last Updated: 11/02/2018

David Welsh, MD
School of Medicine
Internal Medicine - Pulmonary/Critical Care
Primary Research / Clinical / Teaching Interests:
AgingDisorders of Environmental OriginHIVImmune SystemLung DiseasesMicrobiota
Secondary Research / Clinical / Teaching Interests:
Alcohol DrinkingStress, Psychological
Unique Techniques Used or Developed:
16S rDNA Deep Sequencing and Phylogenetic Analysis
Unique Equipment Used:
Illumina MiSeq
Last Updated: 01/24/2017