Clinical Research Studies/Clinical Trials at LSUSHC

The Pulmonary/Critical Care department is nationally and internationally renowned for its research and treatment of pulmonary disease. We are well known for providing state of the art patient care while extending knowledge and understanding of pulmonary medicine and disease through research. Our researchers seek the latest scientific and medical advances in pulmonary disease management. Eight of our faculty members were recently selected among the Best Doctors in America. Our interdisciplinary team consists of 17 physician faculty, a nurse practitioner and 3 registered nurses representing over 60 years of research experience. Our goal is to provide efficient, high quality health care services to all patients. The section is involved in several multi-center National Institute of Health, American Lung Association, National Foundation and pharmaceutical studies.

Volunteering for participation in research studies is a generous act that creates the potential for obtaining new insights into treatments. This may eventually lead to improved diagnostic tests and therapies.

What are the benefits to participating in a research study?

  1. Play an active role in your own health care
  2. Gain access to new research treatments before they are widely available
  3. Obtain expert medical care and medication during the trial at no cost
  4. Help others by contributing to research
  5. Education regarding your disease management

Frequently asked questions . . .

Do I continue to see my primary care provider while on a study?
Yes, the research staff will collaborate with your health care provider. Together they will manage your health care keeping your best interest in mind.

Can I change my mind about participating once the trial has started?
Yes, you may leave the trial at any time.

What will participating in a research trial cost me?
All research related visits, tests, and medications are provided to you at no cost. Participants are compensated for travel time and study participation.

If you would like more information regarding our pulmonary clinical trials, call

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