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  • Lee Engel, MD, PhD
    Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
  • 504-568-4006
  • 504-599-1453
  • 2020 Gravier Street, Suite 602
    New Orleans, LA 70112

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Photo of Laura Bell
Laura Bell
Photo of Sara Blakemore, LMSW, MBA
Sara Blakemore, LMSW, MBA
Photo of Christopher Callac, MS
Christopher Callac, MS
Photo of Chris Carter
Chris Carter
Photo of Pierre Detiege, MD
Pierre Detiege, MD
Photo of Gary Duhon, MD, MPH
Gary Duhon, MD, MPH
Photo of Tabatha Edwards
Tabatha Edwards
Photo of Lee Engel, MD, PhD
Lee Engel, MD, PhD
Photo of Robin English, MD
Robin English, MD
Photo of Catherine Hebert, MD
Catherine Hebert, MD
Photo of Cheryl Hoehn
Cheryl Hoehn
Photo of Andrew Hollenbach, PhD
Andrew Hollenbach, PhD
Photo of Gary Ingegniero, CRCST
Gary Ingegniero, CRCST
Photo of Treva Lincoln, MBA
Treva Lincoln, MBA
Photo of Daryl P. Lofaso, PhD, MEd, RRT
Daryl P. Lofaso, PhD, MEd, RRT
Photo of Yolanda Lundsgaard
Yolanda Lundsgaard
Photo of Ross McCarron, MD
Ross McCarron, MD
Photo of Rebecca Odinet Frey, PhD
Rebecca Odinet Frey, PhD
Photo of John Paige, MD
John Paige, MD
Photo of Jessica Patrick, MD
Jessica Patrick, MD
Photo of Alisa Roy, MEd
Alisa Roy, MEd
Photo of Sergii Rusnak, MD
Sergii Rusnak, MD
Photo of Malachi Sheahan, MD
Malachi Sheahan, MD
Photo of Juayonna Spencer
Juayonna Spencer
Photo of Joy Sturtevant, PhD
Joy Sturtevant, PhD
Photo of Alicia Tate, NRP
Alicia Tate, NRP
Photo of Savannah Thibodeaux, MBA
Savannah Thibodeaux, MBA
Photo of Herman Williams
Herman Williams
Photo of Natalie Worsham, MLIS
Natalie Worsham, MLIS