Lyndsey Buckner Baiamonte, Ph.D.
Lab: Alison Quayle, Ph.D.
Phone: 568-2103

Hang Pong Ng, Ph.D.
Lab: Guoshun Wang, DVM, PhD
Phone: 568-3257



Emeritus Faculty


2012 1:30:14 PM

Aiyar, Ashok, Ph. D
Epstein-Barr virus pathogenesis, gene expression, and replication.

Amedee, Angela Martin, PhD
Pathogenesis and mother-to-infant transmission of human and simian immunodeficiency viruses (HIV and SIV) 

Cameron, Jennifer, PhD
DNA tumor virus pathogenesis
Virus-host interactions
Viral co-infections and impact on human health
Development of diagnostic and prograstic cancer screening tests

Foster, Timothy P., Ph.D.
Virus-host interactions: Mechanisms of herpes virus subversion of host intrinsic anti-pathogen responses.

Hobden, Jeffery A., PhD
Molecular mechanisms of bacterial pathogenesis; Pseudomonas aeruginosa ocular infections; antibiotic susceptibility testing; biofilms and orthotics

Johnston, Douglas, PhD
Identification of host response mechanisms to vascular damage induced by bloodborne fungal pathogens. 

Kelly, Ben, Ph.D
Molecular mechanisms required for parasite viability and virulence in leishmaniasis.

Kozlowski, Pamela, PhD
HIV vaccine development, HIV pathogenesis, and mucosalimmunity to HIV.

Luo, Meng, PhD
Human and animal microbiomes using next generation sequencing platform 454 GS FLX+.

McGowin, Chris L., PhD
Mucosal pathogenesis of Mycoplasma genitalium and other sexually transmitted infections

Qin, Zhiqiang, MD, PhD
Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus pathogenesis and tumorigenesis; virus-host interaction; virus-bacteria co-infection in immunocompromised patients; baterial biofilm

Quayle, Alison J., PhD
Immunity to Chlamydia trachomatis in the human female genital tract, Chlamydia trachomatis persistence in the human female genital tract

Ramsay, Alistair J., PhD
HIV/AIDS, immunology of; TB infection, immunology of; Vaccination, development of novel strategies

Shen, Li, MD, PhD
Molecular biology and pathogenesis of Chlamydia; global gene regulatory mechanisms.

Sturtevant, Joy, PhD 
Adaptation of pathogens in the host: rewiring of host innate immunity (Shigella) and rapid response of the pathogen to new environments (Candida albicans ).

Taylor, Christopher, PhD
Bioinformatics and Computational Biology specifically related to applications of high throughput sequencing

Wang, Guoshun, DVM, PhD
Phagocytic Innate Immunity, Cystic Fibrosis, Gene Therapy and Stem Cells

Wang, Ping PhD
Cryptococcus neoformans; Signal transduction

Xin, Hong, MD, PhD
Immunology, biochemistry, and physiology of Candida albicans Pathogenesis of hematogenously disseminated candidiasis Vaccine to prevent infection, and therapeutic antibodies Dendritic cell

Zea, Arnold H., PhD
T cell dysfunction in patients with tuberculosis and cancer, mechanisms regulating

Dental School (Adjunct Faculty)

Fidel, Jr., Paul, PhD
Immunology, cellular and mucosal; Candidiasis, immunoregulation of recurrent vaginal or oral

Noverr, Mairi, PhD
Investigating mechanisms of immunomodulation by the opportunistic yeast Candida albicans during host-pathogen interactions

Wen, Zezhang Tom, PhD
Molecular characterization of oral biofilms and regulation of Streptococcus mutans pathogenicity.

Research Institute for Children (Adjunct Faculty)

Ferris, Michael, PhD
Microbial ecology; Molecular taxonomy; Polymicrobial diseases; Bacterial vaginosis
Pincus, Seth, MD
Biologic effects of immunoglobulins; Antibodies in infectious diseases

Adjunct Faculty

Del Valle, Luis, MD
Neurovirology, the relationship between brain tumors and the human paloyma virus JCV

Figueroa II, Julio, PhD
Azaftig, a novel protein derived from cancer and AIDS patients that induces weight loss and lipolysis.

Hagensee, Michael, MD, PhD
Immunology and structure of human papillomaviruses 

Martin, David H., MD
Sexually transmitted infections; epidemiology and pathophysiology of Chlamydia trachomatis infections; effect of genitourinary pathogens on pregnancy outcome in humans.

Nelson, Steve, MD, CM, FCCP
Alcohol and inflammatory responses in the lung

Parsons, Christopher H., MD
Cancer treatment and prevention in the setting of HIV infection. Topics: use of anti-inflammatory agents for reduction of oncogenic viral reservoirs; sphingosine kinase inhibitors for targeting virus-infected tumors; treatment and prevention of Kaposi's sarcoma; treatment of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.

Peruzzi, Francesca, PhD
Molecular mechanisms of neurobiological dysfunction caused by HIV-1, the role of microRNAs in tumor growth

Prakash, Om, PhD
Transgenic mouse models of gene regulation; retroviruses; molecular mechanisms of HIV latency and activation; anti-HIV drugs.

Reiss, Krzysztof, PhD
DNA repair and mutagenesis in medulloblastoma, molecular pathways in neurological cancer

Sanders, Charles V., MD
Clinical and laboratory evaluation of newer antibicrobial agents in the treatment of aerobic and anaerobic infections.

Shellito, Judd E., MD
Host defense mechanisms against pulmonary infection; AIDS and alcohol consumption; Occupational/environmental medicine; Silicosis; Asbestosis; Malignant mesothelioma; Inhalation lung injury; Occupational asthma

Taylor, Stephanie N., MD
Sexually transmitted infections; pathogenesis, molecular biology, and animal models of Haemophilus ducreyi infection; identification and detection of H. ducreyi and other pathogens using recombinant antibody techniques and mass spectrometry.

Welsh, David A., MD
HIV-associated lung disorders; Resident Microbial Communities and Human Health & Aging; Inflamm-aging and Immunosenescence; Assessment of Biological Age; Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV); Environmental Stressors and Maladaptive Behaviors (Alcohol Use Disorders)