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spacer.gif (855 bytes) The Honors Program at LSUMS-NO supplements the regular curriculum and is designed to challenge the exceptional student with an independent research program that encompasses basic and/or clinical sciences in the pursuit of a problem of scientific interest.

Students who have achieved high academic standing during their first two semesters in medical school are eligible for consideration.  Interested students may apply between February and May of their freshman year.  Additional information may be obtained by contacting Dr. Michael Levitzky, Chairman of the Honors Program Committee, in the Department of Physiology (e-mail address:   Acceptance into the program is based upon the information provided in the application and the submission and approval of an outline of the proposed research project to the Honors Program Committee

After admission into the Program, the student is encouraged to start his/her project during the summer between the first and second year and to apply for research funding either through the school or from outside sources.  Usually one faculty member will serve as the major advisor and the student will carry out the majority of the project in this mentor's laboratory.  Other faculty members may join the student's committee as the individual continues through the program.  It is the responsibility of the student's committee to assist in focusing the student's research efforts.  The progress of each student will be monitored by the Honors Program Committee and any student in academic difficulty will be reviewed and may be advised to withdraw from the program.

The students will present their research projects and their data annually.   Individuals who have successfully completed the Honors Program will submit a written report, in thesis format, describing their research activities; this treatise is bound and placed in the Health Sciences Center Library.  In addition, the research will be presented at the Senior Seminar which is held each spring.  It is anticipated that the quality of the research will be such that the student can submit it for publication.

At Precommencement, the Honors Program candidates are acknowledged and their achievements become a part of their permanent academic record.   It is expected that the Honors Program will serve as an exciting intellectual challenge.  Furthermore, it will provide the students with an in depth research experience which will enable them to compete more successfully for residences.

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