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Faculty Interests Database

Andrew Chapple, PhD

School of Public Health


Primary Research / Clinical / Teaching Interests Clinical Trials as Topic Design of novel clinical trials based on frequentist and Bayesian statistical methods.
Clinical Trials Data Monitoring Committees Experience monitoring, assigning doses, and conducting frequentist and Bayesian clinical trial designs.
Clinical Trials, Phase I as Topic Experience with design, conduct and power calculations for 3+3 trials, Up and down designs, continual reassessment method trial designs (frequentist and Bayesian), time to event continual reassessment method trial designs, subgroup specific dose finding in phase I trials.
Clinical Trials, Phase II as Topic Experience with calculating sample sizes needed for a given power in phase II trials and estimating the power for different sample sizes in prospective studies. Experience in designing and conducting Bayesian clinical trials where clinician prior information is used for the control therapy, which allows for single-arm trials. Experience in group sequential phase II trials with stopping rules for superiority or inferiority. Experience with designing and conducting Bayesian phase I-II clinical trials where we want to choose a treatment/dose that has high efficacy probability and acceptably low toxicity probability.
Clinical Trials, Phase III as Topic Experience designing and implementing group sequential phase III trials based on survival times. Experience with hybridized phase II/III clinical trials. I also invented phase I-II/III clinical trials, which allow conducting one seamless drug development protocol across all phases.
Statistics as Topic Experience with many statistical models and methods - not limited to: Categorical Data Analysis, Survival Analysis, Poisson models, Regression, Variable selection, Mixed models, Experimental Design, Bayesian Analysis, Markov Models.
Secondary Research / Clinical / Teaching Interests Regression Analysis Extensive experience with regression for different data types. Expert in Bayesian variable selection for determining variable importance.
Statistics, Nonparametric Experience with nonparametric statistics including rank tests - (wilcoxon signed rank, kruskal wallace, friedman's test), statistical learning, semi-parametric methods, contingency tables, robust regression, expectation maximization.
Unique Techniques Used or Developed Clinical Trials as Topic Developed several novel clinical trials designs based on statistical models and data of patients enrolled in the trial.
Regression Analysis Developed Bayesian variable selection model for semi-competing risks data.
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