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Louisiana State University School of Medicine - New Orleans trains physicians and scientists in healthcare disciplines. The Medical School strives for excellence in medical education, research, and service. We believe diversity and inclusion are essential components of excellence in all missions.

Medical Education Mission Objectives

The undergraduate curriculum contains programs of study that enable students to become competent, caring physicians, who can function in any healthcare system, engage in life-long learning, and appreciate and evaluate medical research. Graduate Medical Education programs enable residents to become skilled and knowledgeable in their chosen discipline and able to assume the responsibilities of a practicing physician.  We prepare students and residents to serve a diverse society, to prioritize patient safety, to improve healthcare quality, and to value teamwork and interprofessional contributions to patient well-being.

Research Mission Objectives

Medical education and research are related pursuits.  Academic excellence in research heightens the intellectual atmosphere, develops new knowledge, and transmits current information for the benefit of all constituencies.  The School of Medicine provides space, personnel, core laboratories, and funding for scientific investigation undertaken by our faculty and learners; our research is further supported by the campus infrastructure; including library services, animal care, and computer services. Long term planning and acquisition of research funds are vigorously pursued to ensure continued research growth.

Service Mission Objectives

The school promotes excellence in healthcare delivery for all its patients, through relationships with our clinical partners and in community oriented programs. Clinical practice supports and maintains the competency and skills of faculty and expands opportunities for undergraduate and graduate teaching and research.  The school is responsive to changing healthcare delivery models.  Additionally, the school is committed to community outreach programs that enhance diversity, provide educational and service opportunities, and enhance the quality of life of constituent communities.


March 31, 2015