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May 24, 2017 Retreat

The focus of the Retreat will be gut-brain interactions, especially as they relate to addictive behavior and biomedical consequences of alcohol.

Our keynote speakers will be:

1. Craig McClain, M.D. Professor, School of Medicine, University of Louisville

2. Philippe de Timary, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Institute of Neurosciences, Academic Hospital Saint-Luc


For more information:

Betsy Giaimo:

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Welcome to the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Center

The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Center stimulates interdisciplinary collaborative efforts for
research and teaching and the dissemination of pertinent information in the area of
alcohol and drug abuse. This Center enhances the research capabilities of scientists,
stimulates collaborative research efforts and strengthens educational activities in the
biomedical aspects of alcohol and substance abuse throughout the Health Sciences Center.
The Center is directed toward building upon existing strength, expanding and elevating
our reputation in substance-abuse research, treatment and prevention.


Patricia Molina, MD, PhD
Director, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Center
Professor and Head, Department of Physiology

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